The Maronti, an island in the island

Do you know what everyone says when they first see the Maronti bay going down the gentle panoramic bends? Nothing, they remain speechless.
They stop the car and go down to contemplate in silence the shining sea, the long golden beach, the green hills that surround it, the Sant'Angelo mountain that closes the scene to the west, where the sun sets. They revel the heat of the sun that immediately surrounds them, the scent of the fields that mixes with the light air of the sea.

Leave me here.
This is the collective thought of those who come to the Maronti. There are no words to describe the beauty of this island in the island, a world apart, silent, dissolving in the sun, overlooking the open sea.
However we can tell you its measures: two and a half kilometers of beach that unites the municipality of Barano with that of Serrara Fontana.
Talk about its fumaroles on the sand, its thermal springs - Olmitello and Cava Scura - ecological trekking that leads to the Pizzi Bianchi or to Serrara Fontana going up the tufa caves and terracing of the countryside in bloom.
About the walk along the shore to reach the beautiful village of Sant'Angelo, from which you can admire the island from the beach. Dives into the clear sea, snorkeling, boat trips or canoeing. About the feeling of wellbeing that will take you completely, spending a holiday at the Maronti.
And then tell us, if you can do without it.