Garage in Naples and Pozzuoli

Leave your car in safe hands

Many people prefer to travel by car, but do not bring the car on the island of Ischia.

Garage Coriolano - Naples

  • Where it is: the garage is located in Naples in Via Campegna 127 (corner Via Coriolano), with an area of ​​3,200 square meters, set up for car parking,
  • Services: the garage is always open; it is video monitored; one hour before embarking the free shuttle service, open every day from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm and upon arrival at least 24 hours beforehand, accompanies customers to the boarding of Calata Massa, Beverello, Megellina; the same service is carried out upon return.
  • Rates: the agreed daily rate is € 15.00 plus VAT per car.

Parking in Pozzuoli

  • Where it is: Marser agency reference offices on the Port of Pozzuoli. The garage is located in Pozzuoli in Via Traversa Pisano 5, prepared for parking.
  • Services: the garage is always open; it is video monitored; is covered. Collection and delivery of the car at the port.
  • Rates: the agreed daily rate is € 13.00 per car up to 7 days stay. From the 8th day the rate is € 10.00.
  • Extra: Possibility to make reservations for the Caremar company on
  • Reference: Marser tel 08118949753 from 8 to 16.00, 3312319565 H. 24/24, email
  • Please note: customers must indicate the agreement between the Federalberghi Ischia and the name of our hotel.